Military Mutiny

Recently the topic of a military mutiny has been coming up in discussing what might happen if George Dubyah Bush orders military action against Iran.

(See here) one such article that appears on the Slate website.

My thoughts? Those in uniform better think long and hard before they stage such a mutiny. Here in America, those in uniform snap to attention and salute when given orders by those civilians who are given authority over them by the Constitution.

However there is some wiggle room here. Those in uniform swear that they will "support and defend the Constitution". Action against Iran will almost certainly risk great conflict. This "great conflict" could most certainly be described as "war" and only Congress, according to the Constitution, has the ability to declare war.

So perhaps Generals would be doing the right thing to "mutiny" against the unlawful orders of a tyrant who sits in the Oval Office and thinks he is a dictator or something. However if this same member of the military service thought he had the right to refuse to obey orders for the same military action (no matter how unwise) authorized by Congress, he should resign from the military now and seek other ways to influence things.

Perhaps he (she) could run for office. Perhaps he (she) could write a book, take to the talk show circuit and become wealthy. However so long as they continue to wear the uniform, they are bound to continue to snap to attention and obey the lawful orders they are given.

I will rise to the defense of any such member of our uniformed services that refuses to obey orders because of an oath to defend the Constitution. However I will be willing to take up arms against any such member who refuses "lawful" orders with which he disagrees.

If Dubyah orders significant action against Iran without Congressional authorization, the military should stand down. If Congress authorizes it? The military should stand up even if it is a horrible mistake.

But that is just my opinion.


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