Presidential Endorsements

(See here) a Newsmax piece that Al Gore has yet to endorse a Presidential candidate in their run for the presidency.

My question is this: Just how much is an Al Gore endorsement really worth?

Al Gore is apt to eventually come out in favor of whoever the Democratic nominee is anyway. It is not like we are going to be left hanging wondering whether Al Gore is going to endorse Newt Gingrich (should he be the Republican nominee) as opposed to endorsing "John Doe", the eventual Democratic nominee.

Al Gore, the Democrat, is going to endorse "John Doe" (or perhaps "Jane Doe") who leads the Democratic ticket.

I do not need a crystal ball or anything to predict this future outcome.

Personally, an Al Gore endorsement of any candidate right now would not be worth much of anything to me. But Jimmy Carter? If Jimmy Carter (who I love so deeply) came out in favor of a candidate with whom I was not in favor of, I would want to listen to what he had to say and try and understand the reasoning behind it.

My advice to Democratic hopefuls is that they make pilgrimages to Plains, GA in an effort to win Jimmy's endorsement as early as possible. The earlier he strikes the more valuable the endorsement. Every day of delay is a dilution of the endorsement.

I would hope that my candidate (that would be Hillary Clinton) seeks to camp out on the outskirts of Jimmy Carter's property and wear the man down. Look to the leadership of Cindy Sheehan for an example. Hold prayer vigils and seek to engage him in dialogue to win his endorsement. When you have won THAT man's endorsement this early in the election cycle you will have won something truly valuable. If that man endorses one of your opponents, I am going to reconsider my support for you based upon what he has to say.

I do not allow Jimmy Carter to make my mind up for me, but when that man speaks up I listen up!


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