David Huckabee for President?

David Huckabee is running for President? Sure seems to me like we are considering Mike Huckabee for President, not his adult son David.

Is there evidence that Mike Huckabee might have exerted political influence when his son was accused of hanging a dog during Boy Scout camp? Yeah. However by measure, Mike Huckabee never transgressed "power of politics" like one of his predecessors (that would be William Jefferon Clinton) did. The only thing the "hanging the dog" thing exposes is that Mike was motivated that his own son should not unjustly be subjected to unfair treatment only because he was the son of the Governor.

Let us examine the "unfair" attempts of Governor Huckabee and his "abuses of power" in the light of previous people who held the office. If you are willing to forgive Bill Clinton for abuses of power then you must also forgive Mike Huckabee. Do not try to defend the indiscretions of Bill Clinton while holding Mike Huckabee to a different standard.

Personally, I do not judge Mike Huckabees defense of his son (he only asked that his son be held to the same standards as the average citizen's son) within the same standards as my judgement of the indiscretions of Bill Clinton. I was willing to forgive Bill. Certainly I can forgive Mike.

Let's get past the past and get to the present. David Huckabee is guilty of having a gun in his carry on luggage. How would any other citizen be judged if they were also found to be just as guilty? David Huckabee had a permit to own and carry the gun which he was found to have attempted to transport in his carry on luggage. I am just as willing to forgive David Huckabee as I am willing to forgive my own Democratic Senator (Jim Webb) for the "weapon carried into Congress" episode Jim Webb's entourage was involved in.

Now, I have my own reasons for opposing a Mike Huckabee candidacy for President. If anyone seeks to thwart his run for Presidency I would advise them to take him on with the issues. He has some real problems with the issues. Seeking to judge him on the basis of his kid while avoiding the issues is not the way to go.

Mike Huckabee might not be successful in his run for the Presidency, however the record of his kid is not going to be what is going to stop him. His stance on the issues is his Achilles Heal.


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