Encouraging Anti-Semitism

(See here) where Israeli settlers are thinking about proclaiming a new state of Judea if Israel reaches a peace agreement with Palestine!

What would be the advantages to the settler (or Yesha) community in establishing such a state?
Being a profoundly religious Jewish state offers advantages in confrontation with Arabs which secular Israeli nation does not possess. Judea would be free to clear out Arab indigenous inhabitants. Following Hebrew biblical guidelines, Judea could use military measures otherwise unacceptable in the modern world...

Did you get that? Being "profoundly religious Jewish" means you can "clear cut Arab indigenous inhabitants." And some people became offended when Jimmy Carter used the word Apartheid to describe what was going on in the occupied territories. This is evidence that Jimmy Carter got it right. That at least some of the settlers really do not possess "purity of motivation" in their attempts to settle the occupied territories.

The above quote came from Obadiah Shoher. Obadiah Shoher is the pseudonym of a mysterious author, originally from the former Soviet Union, who has created the popular Samson Blinded blog and publication of a book by the same name.

While some might claim that Obadhiah is just an "extremist" and is in no way representative of the Yesha community, I will claim that his viewpoint is not that far from representing the Yesha community. It is just that the Yesha community tries to soothe with words while their actions support Obadiah in his proclamations.

Now I am not anti-Semitic. My own inclination is to greet anyone who identifies themselves as a Jew in my nation with a smile. You see, in my nation, evidence is that the Jewish influence has been a good thing. If I am guilty of "pre-judging" someone only because they are Jewish, well, actually I might be guilty of the opposite of anti-Semitism. Jews in America have stood so long for that which is good that I just can not help myself.

But I draw the line at support for the settlers. If you support the settlers, you oppose me. I support Israel (thus far) however I do not support the settlers. Evidence is that the settlers continue, through word and action, to oppose a reasonable solution to the Israeli/Palestinian conflict.

Let me close with this. Obadhiah thinks:
Judea can forget the notion of civil rights and obey Jewish religious law.
Is Jewish religious law that much opposed to civil rights? Are Jews, through their support of such voices and such actions from the settler community not inviting anti-Semitism?


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