Is Jesus A Myth?

Is Jesus a myth?

I have encountered totally unreasonable arguments from atheists who attempt to argue that Jesus never existed. They do not attempt to argue that he was not God, but that no such person ever walked on the face of the earth. Jesus is a myth they claim.

Evidence is to any reasonable person that once upon our world trod a "man" by the name of Jesus. To argue against this is like arguing that never existed upon this earth a man called Alexander the Great.

From ancient times we may have imperfect accounts of leaders who's existence shook the world. Some of what we think we know about Alexander the Great, for example, might not be wholly correct. However we can take what written history there is about his reign and compare it to the evidence that we can uncover and come to the "reasonable" conclusion that, yes, Alexander the Great once breathed air on this planet we call Earth.

So what about Jesus? Did he ever exist? It confounds me that anyone could even attempt to make such an argument. Attempting to make such an argument almost seems to be an attempt to clamor for attention and nothing more. We have the accounts from the Bible! Perhaps the accounts are inflated or something however what is the evidence provided from the inflated accounts?

The Bible is uncorroborated evidence? Well from Jesus we have the new religion Christianity springing. Who opposed this new religion? The Jews? The Romans?

From the Jews, the opposition, we hear that instead of an "Immaculate Conception" that Jesus was a bastard and Mary was a whore. Their historical account does not attempt to prove that he never existed, only that he was not what Christians believed him to be.

From the Romans we hear accounts of the newfangled religion that was starting to infect the farthest reaches of their empire early on. If the "myth" of Jesus was only a product of human imagination, then the seeds sown of this imagination quickly took root from the time it first touched the fertile earth.

Earth shaking. World changing. Jesus might not have been God, but he existed, and his existence changed history as your existence with your feeble arguments will not.

Perhaps Jesus was only a bastard, son of a whore. But he existed. If he was only a bastard, son of a whore, my admiration for what he was able to accomplish only increases.


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