Feeble Run for Presidency

My feeble attempt to run for the Office of President of the United States.

Whew, perhaps I can already say it is over. I was given my "sign from God" that I should run for President and I made my feeble attempt. Nothing came of my attempt. Perhaps I should already give up. Thus far perhaps the only thing I might have accomplished is convincing anyone who is aware (perhaps I can take solice in the number of such individuals is rare) of my attempt that I am off my rocker.

Now I am not going to state that I realistically expected to be successful. I will publicly state that as I watched what I requested as a sign become reality, I started to regret the decision. I knew that any attempt to reach the Office of President by someone like me would be futile. That even an attempt to do so would be viewed as a crazy action by at least a majority of our citizens; perhaps such a point of view being nearly unanimous. If I had not been witness to (perhaps "been a personal recipient") of numerous "signs from God" in private prior to this one very public sign, I too would have stated of myself "He's got to be nuts!"

Well, at least I have to admit I did it to myself. I need not have asked for this very public sign that has been given to us. I could have remained mute and just accepted the generosity of God, but I had to insist on asking for more. How does the saying go? "Be careful what you wish (or in this case pray) for, you just might get it ." Now I am, in a sense, obligated to follow a foolish path. What foolish path? "Proving" just how crazy I am by running for President.

But my efforts thus far have yielded absolutely nothing.

Whelp. If I am going to continue with my "feeble" effort I guess I better put a little more effort into campaigning. I can't just throw my hat in the ring and expect everyone to promise to vote for me without identifying why I am the person who deserves that vote.

I am not going to get carried away with it. I am not going to mortgage my house so that I can travel the nation or something lining up support. But I am going to try to make a genuine run for the office. My "genuine run" almost certainly will be way too little. Probably I will not even make a ripple. So be it.

I received my sign and I am now obligated to run.

With my next post I will start with a series of "Why I deserve your vote and how I am different from all the other candidates" posts.


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