Annapolis or Apartheid?

Annapolis or Apartheid. An alternate title could have been: Two States for Two Peoples or Apartheid.

Israeli MK Benny Elon is at it again promoting his Israeli Apartheid Plan. Previously labeled "The Elon Peace Plan" Elon is now promoting a warmed over version of the plan which has been retitled the "The Israeli Initiative". An alternative and more easily digested description of the plan can be seen (here) at the Wikipedia website.

The Israeli Initiative is gaining some publicity as an alternative to the "Two Lands for Two Peoples" initiatives that are being pursued by others, including American President George Dubyah Bush and American Secretary of State Condi Rice.

(See here) where a piece authored by MK Benny Elon himself appears on the Jerusalem Post website. The piece also received further publicity as being legitimate when it appeared (here) at the israelinsider website.

(See here) where the Arutz Sheva website reports that at least one senior Israeli Labor party official, Eli Sadan, the head of the Labor party's religious and traditional Jewish sector, is promoting the Israeli Initiative as a "realistic peace plan".

Now let me lift a brief description of the plan from the Arutz Sheva article:

Under the proposal, Jordanian citizenship would be granted to Palestinian Authority Arabs who would remain in their villages in Judea and Samaria. Jewish Israeli citizens would also remain in their communities in the area, which would be under Israeli sovereignty.
Doesn't this echo the actions of the Nationalist Government of South Africa (who's actions coined the term "apartheid") when they enacted the Bantu Homelands Citizens Act of 1970? This act:
Compelled all black people to become a citizen of the homeland that responded to their ethnic group, regardless of whether they'd ever lived there or not, and removed their South African citizenship.
(The above description was lifted from www.about.com [here]).

It is my opinion that the Israeli Initiative can only be described as an apartheid initiative.

It is my opinion that the only thing the Israeli right wing (and their supporters) can come up with as a realistic alternative to "Two Lands for Two Peoples" is apartheid. That the only way they can envision keeping Judea and Samaria without a horrific holocaust style expulsion of Arabs by Jews from the "occupied territories" is through a system of apartheid.

Since the right wing would never agree to annexing Judea and Samaria and granting all the occupants and all the returning Palestinian refugees full citizenship rights, they resort to an apartheid plan that would allow them to remain while denying them the rights of citizenship.

In my opinion it is either Annapolis (and Two Lands for Two Peoples) or it is apartheid.

Now, which side is going to be willing to shoulder the blame for the efforts being undertaken at Annapolis failing (if they fail)? If Israel follows the leadership of Benny Elon, it will be easy to point the finger of blame.


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