No New Hope for Middle East Peace

(See here) where Haaretz reports that there is little hope for George Dubyah Bush's efforts to obtain peace in the Middle East to amount to anything.

The Orthodox Jews have already drawn their line in the sand. If any of the "core issues" in the conflict are discussed, they are going to revolt. God help us if we (we being the alliance of America and Israel) actually attempt to resolve something.

My own opinion is that the Orthodox Jews (not all Jews, just the conservative Orthodox ones) seek to do is prolong the conflict. Any real attempt to resolve the conflict is anathema to them. They prosper in achieving their goals by prolonging the conflict. Their goal is a greater Israel which includes all of Judea and Samaria (the West Bank).

They seek to prolong the conflict because only through conflict can their aims be achieved. Anything that resembles a reasonable result of negotiations is poison to them. They insist that our side, our side being the American and Israeli side, must be totally unreasonable in negotiations. Then they will point at the results of this unreasonable stance (violence from the Palestinian side) as being justification for their own inhuman actions.

Our American President, that would be George Dubyah Bush, has called for negotiations on the Israeli Palestinian conflict which are to happen in Annapolis shortly. I would hope that America judges the preordained failure of these talks fairly. Which side came to the table unwilling to negotiate? Evidence thus far is that Israel might be the culprit.

There is no point in negotiations if the "core issues" are off limits. We are looking for an end to the conflict, not for justification for bullshit. If Israel is unwilling to come to the table with the goal of resolving the issue, the failure of the talks will rest on Israel's plate.

I am in favor of negotiations. I am also in favor of holding those responsible (including Israelis) accountable for failure of negotiations to achieve anything substantial. It appears the Israeli side is unwilling to approach the table with anything that could be defined as being reasonable. Perhaps the unreasonable Israeli position should be excluded from the talks?


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