An Open Letter to Virginia Beach Democrats

I didn't even bother to try and get an absentee ballot for this coming November's elections.

Why bother? Virginia Beach Democrats didn't even bother to field candidates in my district to run against the Republican incumbents who are now serving.

Now it probably would have been a pretty hard choice for me to decide not to vote for Bob Tata as my Representative in the Assembly. I would have been willing to consider voting against him, but the choice would not have been automatic. But voting against Senator Wagner would have been easy. That fellah is the same guy who, while serving on the Transportation Committee, seems to want to put tolls on every mile of Virginia's highways or something. Instead of increasing the fuel tax, he wants to change Virginia's freeways into tollways.

Come on Virginia Beach Democrats! You guys and gals couldn't come with somebody to run against Wagner? Yeah, you probably would have had to field a "moderate" or even a "conservative" Democrat for him (or her) to have any chance at all... but isn't a moderate Democrat preferable to Republican Wagner?

I wanted to run Wagner out of office but the Democrats didn't even bother nominating Mickey Mouse or Donald Duck to run against him!

Surely it would not have been that hard to find a Democrat that was willing to run? Surely you could have given us a choice of SOMEBODY to vote for as an alternative?

But nope, my representatives in the Assembly and Senate run unopposed. I didn't even bother getting an absentee ballot to voice my frustration and opposition.

Too bad the Virginia Beach Democrats are so weak.


Blogger Cory said...

I cant blame the Virginia Beach race for not turning up any Democrats. It is a complete waste of money for anyone who is even moderatley left to place even one sign in Virginia Beach. The largely wealthy white bread voting populace has been punching a Republican ticket in almost every election going back to its inception as a city. Its the exact same reason Democrats concentrate on only a few states with huge minority and youth bases in national elections, and completely concede the complete and total bread basket before they even start. Why waste resources of any kind on a race you can never win?

2/07/2008 02:58:00 PM  

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