My Sign From God

While the 2007 hurricane season is not officially over until November 30th of this year, I am motivated to claim an endorsement (or sign) from God now. Why am I speaking up now? Because, due to my occupation, I only rarely have access to the Internet while I am on the road.

Now I am going to publicly claim that I have received signs from God privately in the past. These private signs were so amazing that I could not rationally discount them. God exists. He proved his existence to me privately by providing signs I demanded to prove his existence. In an almost selfish action, I asked God to provide YOU with at least just one sign that was as powerful as the multiple signs that he has provided to me. Evidence is that God has granted my request.

God has granted (at least thus far) my request for a public sign.

So it seems I have been granted my very pubic sign by Him who I worship. Now I am obligated to at least attempt to fulfill the action I proposed I would do if I was granted the sign.

What action did I propose? That I would run for the office of President of the United States. Why would I run? Because I want to "save the world" both for mankind and for Him who I worship. Without the "Office of President" I did not see any method of being successful in my agenda. In prayer, all during the hurricane season, I presented my case (some might say argued) to God why it was necessary for me to be President to achieve my (and His) goals.

Actually I am going to be a little bit truthful. As it started to appear that my request for a sign might come to pass, I started to regret my decision. My public request for a sign was at least partially motivated by my request, which I made prior to my public admission of my prior private request.

You see, even if I were to be elected President of the United States of America, I came to the conclusion that I could not "save the world" without God's help. If I were to be successful, that at least without the outward examples of his help, it would be futile to make any attempt in the face of his opposition. I needed a public sign that while God might stand aside as we destroyed ourselves, that if we attempted to save ourselves he might even help us. My sign proves that God is motivated to help us if we are "good". We do not have to be perfect. I am a wretched human being. I am proof that God does not demand perfection.

I am not going to get into an argument over what is "good" from your viewpoint and what is "good" from my own viewpoint. I am only going to point to my "sign from God" and then ask you to point to yours.

I got my sign. And now I am going to run for President. With God's help, success is not guaranteed, but success is an option. Mankind still has freedom of choice and mankind can still choose to turn its back on God.

Decry me if you want, I will point to my sign. If you believe in God, the only rational way to devalue my sign is to describe it as coming from Lucifer or something. If you attempt this I will demolish everything you stand for as coming from the Devil himself. If you are Christian, I am not the anti-Christ. I love Jesus (I call him Rabbi) and will expose how you stand against my spiritual leader and how you stand against if not "everything" then "much" of which he preached in favor of.

I am not going to make God into a circus act. I am not going to stand like a circus magician who rolls up his sleeves and then states: "And for my next act...." for your entertainment.

I am mulling over whether one more "sign" might be necessary for success. Whether mankind (or at least the American citizenship) deserves one more "proof" of the will of God.

Give enough monkeys a typewriter and with an infinite amount of time, one of them will compose Lincoln's Gettysburg Address on it. But if that same monkey, given a new sheet of paper, and he also composes the Declaration of Independence immediately afterward?

Will such a "Second Sign" be necessary? Will God allow it?

Jesus was able to provide many "signs and wonders" to the people of his day. In response to the Saducees, he stated no sign would be given to them. Why? Was it only because Jesus realized that such a sign would only provide "them" with proof he was a demon?

If I request a second "sign" after the first what would it accomplish? Would it make believers out of Evangelical Christians who oppose me? Nope. They will just describe me as the anti-Christ because I do not completely agree with them. But I argue with God that it will provide proof of the supernatural. That at least if "they" do not recognize me as his servant, it would provide proof that a supernatural struggle between good and evil exists.

My own opinion is that "GOD IS GOOD", but He has one hell of a temper. (Have you ever heard of the "Wrath of God"?)

My prayer? Lord, your humble servant is going to achieve the impossible with Your help. You have publicly endorsed my attempts to save the world for mankind and for You. While I ask for your help in this endeavor, I also fear them. Please have mercy on us.

God's will be done.


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