What Is Wrong With Huckabee

What Is Wrong With Huckabee

Alternatively I could have titled this post "I'd Vote For A Flaming Faggot Before I Would Vote For Huckabee" except the title would have been too lengthy.

(See here) where Newsmax reports Governor Huckabee is surging in the polls.

I myself was intrigued by the Huckabee campaign. What eliminated him from contention for my vote can be best shown by visiting his own campaign website. (See here) where his website explains his position on taxes and the economy. Governor Huckabee does not even try to hide what I find most objectionable (he at least gains a point for honesty) when the very first point made is:
I support the Fair Tax.

To me this tells me that Governor Huckabee, the Southern Baptist Minister, is willing to "Sell his soul to the devil" in order to be elected President of the United States. He represents that which I find most objectionable in the recent history of how the Republican Party, with Evangelical support, has been leading our country.

Mr Huckabee would like to increase taxes on the middle class in order to give ANOTHER TAXCUT to the wealthy. I find it hard to understand how this "minister" can find the personal justification for so negatively impacting the plight of the majority of his fellow ministers who still have to worry about paying their own mortgage while attempting to help others in need.

While Governor Huckabee might actually balance the budget, his proposal would do so in REVERSE Robin Hood style. He will steal from the Middle Class to deliver ANOTHER TAXCUT to the wealthy.

Governor Huckabee might counter with the argument that his proposal will actually yield more tax money coming from the Upper Class or something. I would counter this argument with two points.

First: If the so called "Fair Tax" is actually "revenue neutral" as proponents of the proposal claim, it achieves this result on the backs of an increased tax burden on the Middle Class. If it is "revenue neutral" and increases taxes on the middle class somebody is going to benefit from this middle class tax increase. I wonder who these fortunate individuals might be? Well Governor Huckabee either is not aware or does not give a hoot.

Second: The "Fair Tax" would neuter the ability of government to motivate the wealthy to do good things for society. As an example? Society should help the poor to obtain housing. (If you do not agree with this societal objective, please go away!) Government proved long ago that "big government" is inept in managing public housing projects. What is part of the solution? Provide funding and tax breaks to business to do that which government seems to be incapable of doing on its own. We can motivate the entrepreneur (small or large) to provide safe adequate housing for the poor with funding and tax breaks. To the motivated individual we PROVE that we value his efforts to meet our objectives of providing housing for the poor through funding and tax breaks. The Fair Tax would eliminate this ability to motivate those who have the motivation or inclination to help us, as a society, meet our objectives by eliminating the ability to reward those who do good things for society.

And Governor Huckabee is a "Southern Baptist Minister" who crows about his support for the Fair Tax. To me he represents that which I most strongly dislike about all of the "New Republicans" that have been responsible for so much of what is wrong with our nation today. Instead of attempting to get the wealthy into heaven whether they like it or not, he wants to grease the skids for their path into hell.

As far as I am concerned, Governor Huckabee has sold his soul to the devil in his attempt to reach the office of President. With my vote, I am going to attempt to prove to him that he made a bad investment decision. Place your bets on God. If you place your bets on the devil? Well the Bible teaches us that "good" is going to win in the end. We might have to wait for the Second Coming to achieve victory, but if it comes anytime real soon, Governor Huckabee is going to be amongst those "left behind"!


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