Rush Limbaugh is a Clown

Rush Limbaugh is a clown.

Recently I spent some time traveling in my pickup truck. My pickup's FM portion of the radio is broken, so I was forced to listen to the offerings available on the AM band.

One of the programs available was the Rush Limbaugh show. It didn't take me very long to be reminded just why I so rarely listen to Rush anymore. While I am in my "big truck" (tractor trailer rig) I have so many other choices to choose from due to the availability of Sirius satellite radio, so why should I listen to what I find so irritating?

I am grateful that other right wing voices still are available on radio. I still enjoy listening into and taking into consideration "reasonable" right wing voices so that I do not have to listen to clowns like Rush Limbaugh.

One of the other programs available was Rill O Reilly's No Spin Factor. Bill had broached an interesting subject and I settled in to listen to the discussion. In fact, I believe Bill provided me with the fodder for my next blog entry.

But Rush Limbaugh is still a clown. Some might "reasonably" call him a good entertainer, but my opinion is that the subset of "entertainers" he belongs to is "clowns".


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