Scuderi Engine

Just yesterday I posted an article that where I reported that University of Wisconsin-Madison researchers have been researching a diesel cycle engine that lowers emissions and increases fuel economy by 20% which is achieved by fast response blending of gasoline and diesel fuel.

Today I found out about potentially even more impressive research on the Scuderi engine. (See here) an article that appears on the Fleetowner website (hat tip to Sean Kilcarr, Senior Editor Fleetowner magazine) that reports on the engine design's potential as it applies to diesel cycle engines. The Scuderi Engine is a design of a split cycle, internal combustion engine invented by the late Carmelo J. Scuderi. The Scuderi Group, founded by Carmelo's children, is working on development of the engine.

Quoting from the Fleetowner piece, Sal Scuderi, president of the Scuderi Group claims his new engine design offers several improvements, including:
  • Improved fuel efficiency by almost one third vs. today’s gasoline and diesel models
  • Emit 80% fewer emissions than today’s gas and diesel engines
  • Provide significantly more power than a conventional engine
I think the Scuderi engine offers superior potential for the trucking industry, because, again quoting Sal Scuderi:
We estimate that this design can lower the cost to build diesel engines by as much as 40 to 50%.
These cost savings are realized through the elimination of the need for Exhaust Gas Recirculation, turbocharging*, exhaust treatment and half the fuel injectors as compared to a traditional diesel engine. Additionally, the engine probably will also have a savings in the weight of the engine and reduced maintenance costs.

Recent reports indicate the Scuderi Group now has cleared a hurdle by successfully running a prototype engine.

* Some reports indicate that the final design might include turbocharging to obtain maximum performance, efficiency and emissions reductions.


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