Little David's Theory of How God Created the Universe

I first put this theory on a blog that is now deceased, and I want my theory to live on.

I want to put forth how I think the universe was created, how God did it.

Since the universe was created black holes have formed.  As our universe goes on, these black holes continue gobbling up all matter that falls within their gravitational field.  Even smaller black holes get absorbed into another larger one over time.

Think about times beyond your comprehension.  Think about after all the suns in our universe have burnt out.  The universe will consist only of a few drifting black holes and a very few stubborn suns formed by matter that escapes the incredible gravitational fields from all the black holes.

Over time, smaller black holes keep getting absorbed by larger ones.  God only needs be patient.  Once all the black holes, and all the matter in the prior universe, is again gathered together in the black hole that is finally large enough, a new universe is created.

I will claim some of credit for this theory for myself, but the only credit I deserve is that God chose me to be the vessel that delivered it.  To God alone belongs the glory.

I encourage discussion on this theory from amongst the learned, but I might have little patience for fools.


Blogger Little David said...

I am disappointed that I could not get any replies. There are weaknesses to my theory according to current human knowledge. I hoped to lead the learned through better understanding of current evidence.

6/17/2013 09:34:00 PM  

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