Thelma Drake's Voting Record

Thelma Drake's voting record. You can not get anything fresher then yesterday's vote!

Thelma is my representative in Congress and I am particularly interested in how she represents me in the House of Representatives.

(See here) where the Washington Post reports Congress is sending an Energy Bill to the White House.

As reported by the Post:
Lawmakers said the energy bill will reduce America's heavy reliance on imported oil and take a modest step toward slowing climate change by cutting about a quarter of the greenhouse-gas emissions that most scientists say the United States must eliminate by 2030 to do its share to avert the most dire effects of global warming.

(See here) the roll call of the votes for and against the bill. Please note that all votes in favor were from Democrats, all votes against were from Republicans.

Once again (as her historical voting record will prove she is apt to do) Thelma followed the party line. She voted with the Republican Party leadership.

Now I wonder what excuse Thelma will raise for why she voted against the bill. Sure, probably anyone could nit-pick it apart and find something they do not like. However when the Republicans ruled, they did not raise overall vehicle fuel economy standards. (In fairness, they did raise standards for small trucks.) I would find it pretty difficult to believe that Democrats stopped them from doing so.

This vote provides evidence to support my reasoning for wanting to run Thelma Drake out of office. I want to vote for a leader, not a follower. I strongly support the increase in fuel efficiency standards and Thelma did not help get it done when the Republicans were in power, and now that the Democrats are at the helm, she votes against it.

As I said, perhaps she can provide some "reasonable" explanation for why she voted against it. But the proof is that the Republicans failed to take this step, which encourages conservation, while they held the reigns. If the Republicans had done so, perhaps they would still be the majority in the House.

The only way to reduce fuel prices is to lessen demand. Even George Dubyah Bush has said the American economy needs to break its addiction to oil. Increasing fuel economy standards will help break the addiction. Thelma wants to keep the needle in our veins.


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